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About Us

The 2Tuf2Tap equipment concept was born from the rigors of high performance training and competition. What we have learnt from the competitive arena we have consolidated into our products designed to be functional and advance performance. All 2Tuf2Tap products are designed and tested to deliver to the highest of standards for strength, durability and comfort.

The technical materials used in our products are carefully selected and developed to ensure our focus on quality and performance are stringently maintained. 2Tuf2Tap construction technology re-defines the boundaries of material application, design potential and product evolution. Our proprietary manufacturing facilities ensure the strict principles for the culmination of material and design are adhered to from start to finish.

2Tuf2Tap product aim’s to lead the field not only in the design process, but also in our selection of materials fusing modern with tried traditional techniques to produce the best feel, fit and performance. We pride ourselves on our innovative products developed to equip you so your prepared and deliver when the demands are high. Train with our equipment, feel the difference, outperform and engage you opponent with confidence. 2Tuf2Tap promises to deliver power for your passion…